Dental Onlays

Did you recently crack a part of your tooth or filling?

Sometimes we can fill the tooth with a white filling but often when the corner of a tooth called a “cusp” breaks, or a large silver filling fractures, a filling just won’t work in the long run; and can just cause more problems if more breaks off the next time.

If the tooth hurts it may need a root canal or need to be extracted. If the broken tooth or filling doesn’t hurt, then one way to solve this problem is with an Onlay.

You can think of Dental Onlays as being midway between a filling and a crown. When the biting surface of a tooth is too damaged to permit the use of a filling, but not so severely damaged that it needs a crown, we recommend an Onlay.
It’s the conservative alternative to a crown and a great way to restore your tooth.

Onlays can be made of Gold, Porcelain or Polyceramic resin. Gold is strong and durable but not aesthetic. Porcelain is very attractive but somewhat prone to fracture (brittle) and more abrasive to opposing teeth. Polyceramic resin offers the best of both worlds - strong, durable aesthetic and more cushioning to biting forces.

Crown Preparation Onlay Preparation

What the Procedure Involves:

During your first visit, any existing filling is completely removed, your tooth is prepared then an impression is taken of your teeth on that side of your mouth. The impression will be sent to a dental laboratory, where the onlay will be made. It usually takes about a week. In the meantime, your tooth will be covered and protected with a temporary restoration.

Before Treatment After Treatment

During your second visit, the temporary restoration will be removed and the manufactured Onlay is checked to make sure it fits properly. The Onlay is then bonded to the tooth with a strong resin material and the surface is polished until it's smooth.

Care and Maintenance

Onlays do not need special maintenance; simply require regular dental care, which includes brushing, flossing and a visit to the dentist every six months. Onlays are both durable and aesthetic. If you have any further questions regarding this excellent treatment option, please ask.

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